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Hey Readers!

First off… Guess what I am going to say? I’M SO SORRY I HAVEN’T BLOGGED SINCE THE 5th MAY!
I have been very caught up in homework, church, Youth Group and much more!! Since I have no Homework over this weekend I have decided I will write a post, I have also decided that I am going to set a notification every week to write a blog post! (So I don’t forget!)

Over the last 58 days since I have last written a post I have made a couple of really awesome, new friends! And I have decided to dedicate the rest of this post to them, of course I won’t mention names. But they KNOW who they are πŸ™‚

Okay, so one of these friends saved a whole lot of strange pictures onto my computer (Why?). Below I have inserted a few of them.



DoryΒ Β Β  I'm awesome

eye see do you see








Random, I know! So there a tip, DO NOT let your friends randomly go on your computer when they are feeling bored.
Lately quite a lot of my friends have started coming along to youth group, which is cool! We spend the whole time being CRAZY. Speaking of Crazy….





Okay, I think you get the point, I’m crazy, my friends are crazy… Yeah! Lastly… One of my friends got me into loving Danbo. Danbo are really cute box people doing really cute things! Here are some examples…


images wallpaper_de_dambo_by_m_littleskyscraper-d51l768 images-1 images-2

See? Okay, so in conclusion. I love my friends, my friends are crazy, my friends save random pictures onto my files and we love Danbo… So here is my final conclusion on friends…



Chloe <3

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Happy Birthday!


Hello Readers!

Firstly, I am so sorry I haven’t written a post in like, 2 1/2 months! I have been so engaged in Year 7 and all my Homework andΒ  I haven’t had the slightest chance to even check the comments on this blog!

Anyway, moving on from that. I was reading one of my great friend Esha’s Blog (This and That) and her latest post was today! It is entitled Happy Birthday This and That. I then read the post, with states that it is This and That’s 2nd birthday… And that Esha first wrote a post 2 years ago. I then checked when ReadMeExplore’s 2nd birthday was. And guess what, it was….




I then felt extremely bad so I wrote this post!




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The thrill of Year 7


Hey Readers!

As you would know if you have read my previous post, I started year 7! So this post, as you can probably guess, is about The thrill of year 7.

So to start off, what does thrill mean?

Well the Free Online Dictionary says:Β Β  Thrill: to feel a sudden intense sensation; excite greatly.

So what exactly is the ‘Thrill’ of year 7? Well, in my opinion the Thrill of year 7 is the opportunity, the opportunities are endless! From great selections of sport to the teachers who specialize in ONE subject, who can help you if you need it! The year adviser, Oh boy, my year adviser is a very funny character….

So there you go! That is the Thrill of year 7!

Just so you know I have started a new blog… But NOT TO WORRY! I am still keeping this one! My new blog is Imaginative Me, be sure to have a llok at it, and maybe even comment!

Chloe πŸ™‚

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High School and Birthday


Ok, as you probably would know I am now in…. YEAR 7 :)!!
I also had my 12th birthday a couple if days ago.

I have been extremely busy settling in to year 7 and I may not post as much due to homework loads.

Starting year 7 was exciting and nervous, but once you get into the swing of it you do turn out fine!

Apart from starting year 7 something else exciting happened….

I turned 12, which is pretty awesome. But sometimes I still think I’m 11 πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I have to go now. So until next time….

Chloe πŸ™‚

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Almost school time!



Ok… So if you read the previous post then your going to understand this one, if not…. READ the last post!!

So… I go back to school… TOMORROW! I am super excited because I start… HIGH SCHOOL (year 7)

I seriously can’t WAIT to start! For the past week I have been going on to my parents that I want school to be the NEXT day… And now it finally is!!

Some schools do go back today though… WHY CAN’T THAT BE ME!

I may be a bit busy starting year 7 (high school) so I might not post for a while!

If you are reading my blog for the first time, or the 10 Millionth time. Can you PLEASE leave a comment.


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Back to School (Nearly)


Hi Readers!

From the title above you can probably tell that I go back to school soon!

I actually go back on the 31st of January BUT I can’t wait! Why? Because I am going into year SEVEN!!!

It is going to be my first year of high school!!! (I live in Australia so it’s different)

Anyway I am ALSO excited because we are going to mostly be using eText Books!!! So we get our own computers (I got a MacBook Air) we sorta got to choose our computers but their was requirements, most people got macs anyway πŸ˜‰

What year are you in/going to be in??

Are you excited/happy about being/going to school??

Have a great week!

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Holidays Part 2.


I am SO sorry…. I actually got back from holidays on Friday but I never got around to writing this post… Until now!

Lets start again….

Hi Readers!

Ok, so I told you I would be going to smiths lake after the blue mountains… Well I did! It was so action packed I can’t write it all but here are a couple of things I did:

Get toed by my uncles boat in a round inflatable thing called a donut.

Go to the sandbar and muck around

Go Kayaking

Make random videos with my cousin

And more….

As you probably saw I did quite a few things on my uncles boat… Well guess what! I have a phobia of rocking boats…. So that was fun! (Not)

I also didn’t sleep very well not just because I was sharing a room with my cousin BUT I have to sleep in PITCH BLACK and she CAN’T sleep in PITCH BLACK. And most I the time she got her way (Yippee)

How is you holiday/term time going?


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Holidays Part 1.


Hey Guys!

Right now I am typing this from my iPod via the edublogs app! As you can probably guess I am not at home! I am actually in the Blue Mountains!

The reason I am in the Blue Mountains is that I am attending a conference, well my parents are. I am attending the Kids Program, 6-Gr8 (School years 6, 7 and 8). My brother is attending the Primary Group (School years 3, 4 and 5)

The school year you are in THIS year is what you are in.

Now I think you might now be wondering, Ok, cool. But what exactly IS this conference?

This conference is run by the missionary organisation CMS, the conference is called CMS Summer School. And the reason it is called ‘Summer school’ is because it is a bit like school. But WAY funner.

The focus of CMS Summer School is to tell people about God, and tell them about the missionaries they send around the world.

Ok, so we drove up on Monday and we leave on Friday night, but what I’m really excited about is that tonight, my group (6-Gr8) and my group ONLY has a GAMES NIGHT!! It starts at 7pm and goes ’til 9pm.

What are you doing right now?

Maybe you are at school?
Maybe you are lounging around doing nothing?
Maybe you are sick?
Maybe you are at CMS Summer School like me?
Maybe you are somewhere else on holidays?


WAIT!!! I almost forgot! The reason this is called Part 1 is because when I get home on Friday night we stay one night at home then we are off to Smiths Lake with…. Wait until I post part 2 to find out :P.


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New Year’s Eve!!


Hey Guys!!

Today is…. NEW YEARS DAY!!
So happy new year to everyone!

Now… Most people in Australia last night would either be….

Watching the fireworks on TV
Watching the fireworks in the city!

Guess what I did….

Well, actually I didn’t get to see the 9:00pm fireworks properly because we were driving back from a friends who live a long way from the harbour. But we did get to see a bit if them in the car.

So once we got home we all got changed into nicer stuff then shorts and t-shirts and hopped into the car.

We then drove to the train station, caught a train to Wynyard and walked to Circular Quay, were a friend had invited us to come and see the fireworks from his building.

By this time it was around 10:30pm, so I hung out with a friend who was there.

At around 11:55pm my mum looked out one of the office windows and saw that something was on fire! We all watched people get evacuated and the firemen put it out, after that we had about a minute until the fireworks started.

It was absolutely amazing, there was fireworks everywhere! My favourite ‘type’ of firework was when they made it look like the side of the harbour bridge was a WATERFALL! It was absolutely amazing!

Now I have some questions:

1. Did you watch the fireworks last night?
2. Where did you watch them from (TV, live etc.) ?
3. Who did you watch them with?
4. Which fireworks did you watch (9pm or 12am?)

Bye for now!
Chloe πŸ˜‰

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It’s Christmas!!


Hey everyone!!

I am extra super duper happy! Why? You ask, well….


Ok, I now have a couple of Christmassy questions for you, your answers will be put in the spotlight another. And don’t remember, it’s OK not to answer a question of you feel uncomfortable about telling, I completely understand;)

1. Do you celebrate Christmas?
(if you said no to Question no.1 then you don’t have to answer any more.)

2. Do you go to church on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, most Sundays, all of the above or none of the above?

3. What is your favourite part of Christmas? Is it the presents, the traditional lunch, being allowed to wake up early AND being allowed to wake up your parents early.

4. Where are/did you celebrate Christmas this year.

My answers are:

1. Yes, I do.
2. All of the above.
3. Probably being allowed to wake up my parents early. (Hehe;) )
4. I am celebrating Christmas In Australia, where it is hot and the sun shines brightly (It’s summer)

Those are my answers!!
I hope you have a very merry Christmas!

WAIT!! I almost forgot….
I am writing this blog post via my new iPod Touch (But only generation 4 not 5 πŸ™ ) and I am writing from the edublogs app!! It’s really good and works much better than trying to write a blog post via the Internet on an iPod/iPhone.
And the best part…. IT’S FREE!

Best wishes for a happy Christmas!
Chloe πŸ˜€

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