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It’s Christmas!!


Hey everyone!! I am extra super duper happy! Why? You ask, well…. IT’S CHRISTMAS TODAY!!!! Ok, I now have a couple of Christmassy questions for you, your answers will be put in the spotlight another. And don’t remember, it’s OK not to answer a question of you feel uncomfortable about telling, I completely understand;) 1. […]

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What is the time???

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How many people are vistiting my blog?

Lava Lamp!!

Student Blogging Challenge

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This blog is called:

T and T, a competition winner!!

My pet Turly the turtle

My Pet scarybat the Bat

My pet Pandy the Panda

My pet Fonny the Fox

My pet Minidanger the spider

My pet Sid the Sloth – he is a SLOTH!!!!

My pet Bunnery the Bunny

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