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Hi Today I just completed my first 2 NAPLAN tests Language Conventions and Writing. NAPLAN is 4 tests that you HAVE to do (government says so) Tomorrow we will do reading then on Thursday we will do Numeracy. Do you like NAPLAN??? :)By Chloe

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Bloggers Cafe


Hi Today at lunch I went to the bloggers cafe. The bloggers cafe is were 5/6 and two year 4 girls go to get help on their blog, write posts on their blog and look and comment on other peoples blogs. Do you do anything like this at your school????? :)By Chloe

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Hi Today at school we had christian studies We talked about how my grade is raising $550 or more for the TEAR fund. Mrs Thomas my teacher was saying that we need to bring in more silver coins and that people at her church were helping us by giving her 5c, 10c or 20c coins […]

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